Thank God for Evolution!

A case for the creator!

I was brought up on the belief that evolution was a thought created by the devil. My parents are traditional Southern Baptists in the strongest sense of the word; as am I. So what do I believe you ask? Well, since I have based my entire college education on significant scientific facts, and biology is the foundation for my major, not AG ED, I DO believe in evolution.

The facts that surround the ‘THEORY’ of evolution are as numerous as they are indisputable.  Emphasis was placed on the word theory to point out the fact that gravity is also a theory. Hum how can this be when know gravity exists right?

Wrong, the theory of gravity proposes this force exists. When a theory is tested enough, the scientific community considers it a law. It is then generally accepted. Evolution is generally accepted by all those except the religious types that have not educated themselves on the processes surrounding it’s etiology.

It is a fact that the theory of evolution is MORE proven, and has MORE supportive information than the theory of GRAVITY!!!

Why is this? Countless people spent portions of their lives researching, trying to DISPROVE evolution. In return they solidified and reinforced the facts behind evolution.  There are endless studies, observations, and research that support evolution.

The only thing that the religious people can dispute evolution with is that God created the world in seven days; and that the world is only a few thousand years old. (Yes some theologian calculated the exact age of earth by interpreting the bible.)

WELL HELLO, how do you know what GODS time is?

Charles Darwin was ridiculed for his radical ideas, so was Galileo Galilei! The church is not always right. People make mistakes. Interpretations of the bible can be disputed and translated wrong. I for one, do not know Hebrew, thus I can not read the bible it is true form.












Charles Darwin was a brilliant man who spent many years observing nature and her entities. He formulated hypothesis and collected samples from around the world to support it.

1)      The strong survive. Suppose you have two deer; one deer has a genetic defect that hinders its ability produce long strides, while the other deer is the epitome of health. If a predator comes along, say its general gun season, which deer is going to be able to out run the dogs and get away? The healthy one who does not have leg problems. Thus this individual will reproduce, it will pass on its ‘good genes’ to its offspring. The genetic defect will be slowly weeded out of the gene pool.

Take some time to study genetics you would be astonished!

This is Evolution NOT blasphemy



2)      If you have ever taken a wildlife class than you would have learned about carrying capacity K. It is the maximum number of individuals that can survive in a given areas based on its resources.  Hence, there is a max number of individuals that can survive. That sounds a whole lot like this…”as more individuals are produced than can possibly survive, there must be a struggle for existence.” – C. Darwin

3)      Adaptations. Coping with changes and evolving new skills, characteristics, defenses, beak uses, and tolerances. While on the Galapagos Islands Darwin witnesses the different adaptations of bird beaks relative to their functions

Plants are living proof for evolution. They can multiply and combine genomes at an exponential rate; hybridize and create new species.  They are constantly evolving mechanisms to outcompete or to kill or ward off intruders. They develop tolerances or lack of. We can witness evolution first had by studying tree evolution and genetics.

Evolution’s ideas and beliefs become much more in-depth than what I can fit into a blog. If you’re interested then read Darwin’s book.

For the religious people out there…

I was taught that there are somethings in this world that we will not understand. Only the father can enlighten us when we return to him. One example is that “God is three in one”. God is all three but Jesus is God’s son and God is not Jesus nor the holy spirit.  So why can’t evolution and the concept of God’s time, be one of those things, that while on earth, we will never fully understand?

When I am embraced by the sun or I spend hours alone in the wilderness, I have a sense of awe; thus my major is Natural Resource Conservation. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the almighty GOD is responsible for this world. I also believe he created evolution. He is the driving force, he propelled the dust particles, and he created life, setting all things into existence.

The theory of Evolution cannot explain the very beginning of time just proposals.

Subsequently, I believe, since we can never imagine how God’s time works,  that God set this world into motion. He commanded light, formed the seas, and out of the sea he created life. He created animals and lastly man was formed.

This also sounds a lot like the evolutionary history of our world. I propose that God’s time could have been moving over millions of our years, days to him.



Old Baptists Saying

Man: “God, how long is a million years to you?”

God: “A minute”

Man: “God, how much is a million dollars to you?”

God: “A penny”

Man: “God can I have a penny?”

God: “In a minute!”


This is my main point. I strongly believe in God, I am not raining on any ones parade. I support many religions, since I feel that we are all worshiping the same God but by different means and different names (for the most part). I believe in God AND evolution! I believe in a case for the creator.


Author: Ashley Tyer