Worst lie you ever told

The worst lie I ever told was a pretty bad one, but don’t judge me too harshly I was only five.

This lie sticks out the most in my mind because I almost hurt someone who cared about me, also because my parents LOVE to tell EVERYONE this story over and over.

It was midway through my kindergarten year at Skies Elementary; I was participating in free time. Here we had different stations that kids could go to and play until the bell would ring. This was a time to laugh, hang out and socialize with friends.


The kids in my class were talking about the movie Forest Gump that they saw at home. They were quoting lines and talking about the plot of the movie. “Life is like a box of chocolate”and so forth. That night I went home and I started talking about the movie telling my parents what it was about and quoting lines in the movie. Needless to say my parents flipped out, “where did you hear those things”? So I told them that I watched the movie in class with my teacher Mrs. Clanton. I have no recollection of why I answered the way I did, it just came out. Who really knows how the mind of a five year old works anyways? I guess I thought my parents would hear my response and move on. Since I hadn’t watched the movie and I was not old enough to understand, I did not realize the situation I was presenting.


My parents called the principle at once, urging that disciplinary measures be taken. My parents told the principle that the movie was inappropriate for children and it had no place in the learning environment at any age. Of course the principle agreed. A conference was held between my parents, the principle, the teacher, and myself. After much debate and arguing, although I was oblivious to what was going on; the truth finally prevailed. I told them that several kids in the class had been discussing it, I heard them, and then repeated the conversations at home. Due to my age, recklessness, and my inattention, I almost cost my teacher her job.


 I was in middle school before I finally watched the movie. I was really excited and felt like I was doing something wrong. After the film ended I was flabbergasted, the movie was not explicit or bad. I thought I was being a rebel and watching it behind my parents back. When I told them I had watched the movie they didn’t seem to care at all. I was dumbfounded. That’s when they explained to me that I was just too young to watch the film at five years old. It was violent, used profanity, and would raise to many questions in the mind of a five year old. I completely agree with them since I now have children of my own.

Forest Gump is rated PG-13 for sex sense, drugs, alcohol, violence, and some profanity. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109830/parentalguide



Your Turn! Tell others about the worst lie you ever told. Who did it affect? What was the end result?

Author: Ashley Tyer



“Although I’ve told many… Gods knows I’ll tell more…”










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