Funny Things My Daughter Does

Last Tuesday my mother and step father took my sister to Texas Cattle Company for her free birthday steak, my daughter attended as well. My daughter’s name is Laurel-Mae Tyer. She is three years old, head strong, outspoken, and down right to the point.

Mom: Debbie

Step dad: Ken

Sister: Jessica

Daughter: Laurel-Mae

Laurel-Mae & Mommy

The evening all started when my mother picked Laurel-mae up from day care. Laurel-Mae had a craft in one hand and demanded that my mother fill up a Styrofoam cup with water before they left. As they walked out the door my mother went to hold her hand to go into the parking lot, she announced and pulled away… “Nooo grandma my hands are full”. Ohhh anything to get out of holding a grown-ups hand.

Later on they arrived at Texas Cattle Company, the server brought out 3 salads.  Laurel-mae said very loudly, “where is my salad?” Jessica and my mother had to share their salads with her on her bread plate.  It was a house salad and I am surprised she liked it.  

After salads it took a long time for the meal to arrive.  The server came to fill the drinks and as he walked away she very loudly asked him “where is my macamoni and cheese?”  He said,” I am working on it”.  Everyone chuckled.



After dinner the server put all of the leftovers in individual boxes; she wailed when he took her plate.   Then when he gave it back to her in a box he said, “here you go sweetheart”.  No one thought anything of it; Laurel-mae however, scrunched up her face and said, “he called me sweetheart”.   Everyone roared it was too funny.

Later the server was talking back and forth with Ken and Jessica.
His last statement was “we killed all the cows”.  Laurel-mae yells out, “You Killed All the Cows?”

They decided it was time to go; but they sure did have fun.

Kids really do say the darndest things! Do you have any stories of your own?


Author: Ashley Tyer

“Although I’ve heard many… Gods knows I’ll hear more…”


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  1. becompto90
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 16:13:24

    Oh my goodness, this post was too funny! I enjoyed reading about little Laurel-Mae’s antics!


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